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The Weekly Muse is a paid subscription service that offers a weekly package of resources and support to inspire poets. Each Sunday via email, subscribers receive access to Zoom classes with renowned poets, weekly poetry exercises and prompts, submission opportunities, editor Q&A sessions, creativity reflection questions, exclusive interviews with well-known poets, craft tips, and the option to join a supportive online group. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive toolkit for poets and foster a sense of community and support for writers of all levels.

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“I'm a Muse subscriber (for about four months) and I am loving all of the content that I receive each week. I'm an ‘emerging’ poet and have only been published in a few journals. I have been writing so many more poems because of the prompts and poetry exercises in each Muse issue, and I've been a bit more courageous in submitting to some of the journals suggested by the Muse. I can honestly say that this publication has completely transformed my writing life, and I would be sad if the Muse were to stop being published! I'm on a budget, but it's worth the $18.99 a month--I consider this my ‘investment’ in my poetry life and it's so worth it. I'm a more confident writer today than I was four months ago.” ~ Sonia R., Weekly Muse Subscriber

"As a published poet, I'm surprised how much I learn each week from the Weekly Muse and how much I'm writing again! Getting this in my inbox every Sunday morning is exactly what I need to stay inspired and keep my writing a priority. Thank you, Two Sylvias, for creating it!" ~ Susan L., Weekly Muse Subscriber

"I only subscribed for the weekly poetry prompts and exercises, but the Weekly Muse has fast become one of the most valuable tools for me as a poet. I've learned so much and I've had poems accepted for publication from Weekly Muse recommendations! The editors of Two Sylvias Press really care about poets and the amount of time and energy put into the Weekly Muse is apparent. Also, I appreciate how they sometimes jump into the private Facebook page to respond to poems and answer poets' questions. I have become a huge fan of Two Sylvias and the Weekly Muse!" ~ John D., Weekly Muse Subscriber

"I was hesitant to subscribe to the Weekly Muse because I had never subscribed to anything before, but I am SO glad I took that risk or I would have never known all I had been missing! I am in my 3rd month of The Weekly Muse and I have written more, submitted more than ever and I've made my writing a priority again! Plus, from your prompts, I've had my poems accepted in three journals AND an anthology! Thank you, Two Sylvias, I see the work that you put in each week and I just wanted to say thank you and please don't ever end the Weekly Muse! It's been a lifechanger for me a a poet. With many thanks and respect for all you do." ~ Jennifer S., Weekly Muse Subscriber

Subscribe to the Weekly Muse and each week you will receive:

  • FREE Zoom Classes & Salons: As a paid Weekly Muse subscriber, gain exclusive access to our inspiring Zoom classes and salons with some of the biggest names in poetry, including the award-winning poets Maggie Smith and Diane Seuss. As a paid Weekly Muse subscriber, you'll have the opportunity to hone your craft and generate new ideas in our engaging online classes. Plus, don't miss the chance to participate in writing classes with celebrated poets Kelli Russell Agodon, Jeannine Hall Gailey, January Gill O’Neil, Susan Rich, Jane Wong, and Lena Khalaf Tuffaha.

  • Poetry Exercises / Prompts: You will receive one longer writing exercise and one shorter prompt each week to help you write two poems a week (or more!).

  • Ask the Editors: Our feature where our editors answer your questions on poetry, writing, publishing, submitting, or whatever is on your mind.

  • A Creativity Reflection Question: You can use these questions when journaling or simply reflect on them as you go about your day.

  • Exclusive Interviews with Poets: We ask our favorite poets, doing good work in the world, questions focused on writing, time management, titles, manuscripts, poetic forms, inspiration, submitting, rejections, and advice to help you on your poetic journey.

  • Where to Submit Your Work: Each week we share with you places to submit your work—literary journals, anthologies, and other opportunities.

  • Inspiration and Helpful Tips on Living Life as a Creative Person and Improving Your Writing: The introduction to each issue and the “outro” to each issue give you general advice on creative living and offer insights from the latest studies on creativity, art, writing, etc. to assist you as a writer and as a creative.

  • Occasional Surprises: From time to time, we give away free Two Sylvias Press publications including The Poet Tarot, discounts on reading fees, and free Online Poetry Retreats.

  • An Optional Facebook Group: We’ve provided a space for you to create community, share poems, and meet new poets on similar paths. We often visit the Facebook Group to respond to posts and to comment on any poems that may have been posted.

Below are a few more reasons to sign up for the Weekly Muse:

  • The Weekly Muse is *not* curated info, but original content created each week: The information in the Muse is designed to help poets wherever they are on their journey—from beginning writer to published author to writing instructor. All of our content is exclusively created by the editors of Two Sylvias Press.

  • By signing up, you're supporting an indie women-run press: Two Sylvias receives no funding except from book sales and our products. Your help keep us afloat during choppy times. (Thank you!)

  • The Weekly Muse subscription fee is about the cost of your weekly coffee: For $3.20 - $4.10 a week (depending on whether you sign up yearly or monthly) you will receive helpful writing information, access to Zoom classes not available anywhere else online or to the general public. There is no risk and you can easily cancel at any time.

Let the Weekly Muse be your weekly check-in with your writing self and SIMPLIFY your writing life.

In this busy world, it’s easy to let the days slip by without making time for creativity. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to prioritize your poetry.

The Weekly Muse is a great way to invest in your own writing by helping you write more poems, learn tips on how to have your manuscript selected for publication, find new places to publish your work, and more!

It’s like a poetry class that lasts the entire year and having your own creativity coach!

Sign up now to give a huge boost to your writing life—write more poems, submit to more journals, learn insider tips on the publishing world, and join a community of successful writers who are benefitting each week from the Muse!

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